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Aimchess November 2021 Summary

What is Aimchess?

Aimchess is a website that offers a few services, my favorite of which is the Scouting Report feature. Scouting Reports look at the last 40 games played on popular chess websites such as Chess.com and LiChess and creates a report outlining what you're doing well in your games and what you're maybe not doing as well. Aimchess will then take these games and create a study plan for you based on this analysis, which you can then practice and track via Aimchess!

In this post we be looking through the Aimchess Scouting report generated for myself on December 1st 2021. At the time of running the report, my rating was 1583 (Chess.com Rapid)


Overview Chart - Details below

  • Opening: 85% (Peers: 77%)
  • Tactics: 58% (Peers: 62%)
  • Ending: 39% (Peers: 49%)
  • Advantage Capitalization: 68% (Peers: 74%)
  • Resourcefulness: 29% (Peers: 30%)
  • Time Management: 30% (Peers: 51%)

November was a bit of a strange month for my chess. At the beginning of the month I was more focused on some other games I was playing, and towards the end of the month I was sucked back into TFT for a few days. Combine this with being sick for a few days in the middle, and I was doing some bare minimum work on my chess - and yet my rating has still increased ~50 points from last month. My assumption is that this increase has come from - get this - actually playing more games instead of focusing on studying tactics. Especially with the FIDE World Championship going on right now, I've still been consuming a ton of chess content from YouTube and live streams, which is definitely a key way that I absorb information.

Win Rate

Win Rate Chart - Details below

After a bit of a plateau at 1525 last month, being +50 points in November feels pretty great - especially since the Win Rate chart is back to telling me I'm likely still a bit underrated 🥳

I think a lot of my black wins have been from working on understanding the middle game plans of the Caro Kann better - particuarly not just playing the same moves in the Advanced and Exchange variations 😅


Opening Chart - Details below

Last month I was struggling agains 1.d4 - and I haven't really improved here. I tried picking up a Chessable Short & Sweet course covering the King's Indian, but all that did was remind me how frustrating I find Chessable. I've started tinkering with 1. ... d5 but still need to work out what feels best for me longer term.

I've been playing Italian games with White and Caro Kann vs 1.e4 - I think there's still a lot of room to grow with both of these openings to better understand the middlegame plans.

Advantage Capitalization

Advantage Capitalization Chart - I'm once again worse at converting winning positions than last month

My advantage capitalization has once again dropped by a few percent, and I think it's probably due to my endgame play. I'm not sure if it's my human brain trying to find excuses, but I feel like I tend to lose games that are making it to the endgame. In particular RR vs RR endings I find myself struggling to correctly plan and convert.


Resourcefulness Capitalization Chart - I am winning or drawing 29% of games where I'm down 1.5 advantage or more

I'm still about on par with others in my rating range for games where I'm at a -1.5 advantage, but unlike last month my percentage of games where I'm converting a -2 advantage has increased by 8%! This means I'm just as likely to convert a game where I'm down 1.5 as when I'm down 2-2.9 😂


Tactics Chart - I still blunder a lot

I still blunder a lot (I have a feeling this sentence is going to be a pretty solid mainstay of this section for quite some time).

Looking through the "Per Stage" section of this seems to somewhat confirm my hunch that I'm throwing games away in the endgame. In openings I'm blundering an average of 0 time (🎉), in middlegames 1.6 times, and in endgames 1.8 times.

I also find it quite humorous that the report both says I'm blundering more than my opponents but less than my rating range 😂

Closing Remarks

Besides my mentioned goal of solidifying my opening repertoire a bit I think my main area of focus for November is going to be on endgames and improving my positional play. In particular, I feel like I'm not sure what to do with Rooks 😅 See you again next month!

I feel like my summary going into November is still relevant to December, so I'll just leave my closing remarks there 😅